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Past Expeditions & Explorations

 This page lists expeditions ANDES have run in previous years. Most of them are not currently scheduled. For a full list of our currently scheduled trips see our Expedition Calendar.

ANDES can set up and guide any of the treks and expeditions featured here at a reasonable cost for a private group of two or more persons - just let us know your requirements.

For Expeditions which aren't currently scheduled we give an estimated ANDES Guiding Fee based on a group size of four. The actual fee charged will depend on the size of the group, the time of year, etc. For a large group it may be considerably lower than the prices quoted here.

Our Estimated Logistics Costs give you an idea of the in-country costs per person for a typical group of three or four people. These include, transport, hotels and trekking costs such as mules or porters. These  Estimated costs could be quite a bit more or less if your group is either smaller or larger than four. Many items such as vehicle rental and trekking costs are obviously much cheaper when shared by a larger group. If you're looking for logistics services for an expedition like one of these please Contact us with your requirements and we'll get a specific quote put together for you.



Season     Usual Duration Grade ANDES Guiding Fee Estimated Logistics Costs
April to June

 Bolivia Ski Explorer

Bolivia Ski Explorer
16 days  2B  about 2000 800
April to June

Peru Ski Explorer

 Scheduled May 2020 

17 days  2B  2095 800


April to October

Inca Mountains Trek

Inca Mountains Trek 20 days 1A about 1700 1200
April to September

First Ascents in Peru 16 days about 4B about 2500 700
May to September Huayhuash Trek & Climbs Huayhuash Trek & Climbs 22 days 1A to 3B about 1600 900
June to August

Brazilian Climber
13 days 2A to 4A about 1700 1100


September to November

Argentina Ski Mountaineering

Patagonian Ski Explorer

 Scheduled Sept/Oct. 2019
14  days 1A 2095 1300
August to October

Chilean Ski Explorer

 Scheduled Sept. 2019
15 days 2A 2095 1300
September to November

Patagonia Ski Mountianeer

Chilean Patagonia Ski Explorer

18-22 days 2B about 2000 1200


November to February Colombia Climber

 Scheduled July 2019
13 days 1B  1795 700
November to March Ojos del Salado Ojos del Salado
18-20 days 2C about 2000 1100

November to March 

Various Expedition Options in the Puna de Atacama

Puna de Atacama Options
15-25 days 1B or 1C from 1400-2000 800-1000
November to March 

Mexican Volcanoes

16 days 2B  about 1500 1000
November to March Chilean Volcanoes - Agua Negra.   Chilean Volcanoes 6000m

 Scheduled Jan. 2020
20 days 1C 2195 1200
December to March 

Chilean Volcanoes

Chilean Volcanoes 10-16 days 2A about 1700 1000
December to February Aconcagua Aconcagua 24 days   1C about 3200 1600
December to February Mercedario Expedition Mercedario 20-22 days   1C about 2000 1000


All year but January-March Peru 6000m Peru 6000m

 Scheduled Nov. 2019
13 days 1A/B 1895 500
All year Chilean Volcanoes 6000m - Arica Area  Chilean Volcanoes 6000m

 Scheduled Feb. 2020
12 days 1A  FULL 600
Season     Usual Duration Grade "Andes" Guiding Fee Estimated Logistics Costs


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We also have a short  Expedition Calendar  briefly listing all this years scheduled trips in chronological order with latest availability.


Private Itineraries & Trip Logistics

Every year ANDES run courses or organise logistics for couples, groups of friends, clubs, schools and other organisations.

As an example, in recent years we have organised:-

School groups trekking in Peru and climbing to 6000m in Chile.
Private Aconcagua expeditions for couples & friends.
Ski clubs visiting the resorts of the Andes.
Military expeditions to the high mountains.
Ski touring expedition for an international school.

 Please see our logistics  page for further details of the services we can offer.