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With our Belgian partners Nevicata, Polish partners Sklep Podroznika and Czech partner Nakladatelstvi Junior, "ANDES" publish and sell unique guides to the Andes. These are described in more detail below. The "Buy Now"  buttons take you to a payment page, where you can buy some editions of the books directly from me, with the correct postage included to any destination in the UK, Europe or Worldwide.

The Andes - A Guide for Climbers

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3rd English Edition, 2005.
The Andes - A Trekking Guide


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1st English Edition, 2001.

Los Andes - Una Guia para Escaladores

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1era edicion Español, 2007.
Les Andes - Guide d'Alpinisme

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2eme edition Francais, 2007.

Sklep Podroznika

Wydanie Polski 2012
Czech Edition

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Nakladatelstvi Junior s.r.o. (2013)

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Andes Trekking and Climbing Guidebooks, 1996-2007


I have an errata page highlighting the few typo's and other errors discovered in the most recent editions of these guidebooks since publication.

Ahora tambien tengo una pagina de errores en Español / Castellano para la edicion de 2007.

The Andes - A Guide for Climbers

The Andes - A Guide for Climbers, John Biggar

"ANDES" are the publishers of the only comprehensive climbing guidebook to the Andes- 'The Andes' by John Biggar.

ISBN 0-9536087-2-7

" ''This is essential reading for anyone requiring up-to-date and well-researched information on all areas of the Andes, from Venezuela to Tierra del Fuego,....''    as reviewed in Climb magazine, June 2006.
'The Andes - A Guide for Climbers' is the only comprehensive guidebook to the peaks of the Andes. It is the only guidebook to cover all one hundred and two 6000m peaks of South America. There is also information on many 5000m peaks plus details of many of the most prominent Patagonian peaks. T

Les Andes - Guide D'Alpinisme

Les Andes - Guide d'Alpinisme

Les grandes voies de montagne et les sommets de trekking.

Deuxieme edition - Novembre 2007

Plus de 350 sommets des andes et de Patagonia. Des milliers d'informations uniques.83 cartes, 120 croquis et de nombreuses photos couleur. Vous pouvez commander des exemplaires de ce guide directement a l'adresse si vous ne trouvez pas chez votre libraire.

''.... En bref, l'ouvrage est <incontournable> pour qui veut aller humer l'air des altitudes andines.'' Les Alpes, Feb 2001''.... Enfin, vous trouverez aussi plein d'informations pratiques sur le materiel, les transports, les conditions, etc.'' Montagnes, Jan 2001

Los Andes - Una Guia para Escaladores

Los Andes - Una Guía para Escaladores by John Biggar. Traducido desde la 3ra edicin Ingles por Pere Vilarasau, Cecilia Vazquez y John Biggar.

1ra edición Español, Julio 2007

ISBN  978-0-9536087-3-7

La primera edicion Español (tercera edicion Ingles) de esta unica guia completa de los picos de los Andes. Los 102 picos de 6000m descritos, mas de 210 picos y mas bajos descritos. 350 fotos, incluyendo mas de 160 diagramas de rutas y 84 mapas esquematicos en color.
"..sucintas descripciones de las rutas generalmente normals,  ... y unos planos de aproximaciones y accesos elaborados con mas detalle dan forma a una guia para una primera visita a los Andes" 
Revista de la primera edicion Ingles, Desnivel, Enero 1997.



ISBN 978-83-7136-071-8

320 latwych i trudnych andyjskich szczytow

Wydanie Polski 2012

The Andes - A Trekking Guide

The Andes - A Trekking Guide

The only comprehensive trekking guide to South America 'The Andes - A Trekking Guide' by John Biggar and Cathy Biggar.

ISBN 0-9536087-1-9

This book features walks and treks in all seven Andean nations. Old favourites such as the Inca Trail and Torres del Paine feature alongside new and 'undiscovered' treks, such as the Ticlla circuit and the Marmolejo traverse along with many detailed trekking maps.

''....Quite obviously the authors really know the terrain they describe and readers are able to benefit from their suggestions and advice ''  High magazine, January 2002

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The Andes - A Guide for Climbers - GB £19.95 or  34.00 for UK and European orders.    US $49.00 or equivalent in British pounds for US, Canadian, Australian, Japanese and all other worldwide orders.

Los Andes - Una Guia Para Escaladores. Euro €34.00 (pedidios desde España y Europa) o US $49.00 (pedidos desde America y resto del mundo). Estos precios incluye correo aereo desde Escocia a Europa, America o cualquiera otra localidad en el mundo.

The Andes - A Trekking Guide - GB £15.00 or Euro 25.00 for UK and European orders.  US $34.00 or equivalent in British pounds for US, Canadian, Australian, Japanese and all other worldwide orders.

Prices above include postage. If you prefer you can also send cash (GBP, US$ or Euro) or a cheque ( preferred - payable to 'John Biggar'), with your name and address for delivery to Andes, 37a St. Andrew Street, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, DG7 1EN, SCOTLAND.

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The following sources all sold our guidebooks when we last checked. Many good bookshops and climbing shops will also have copies in stock  or be able to order you a copy.

A search using 'Biggar' will usually get you quickly to the right page to place an order on most of these sites.


You can order online from Needlesports or  Stanfords or Amazon or Cordee. These books are also often available in larger outdoor shops such as Nevisport, Cotswold, Outside in Hathersage and at Stanfords in London.

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You can order online from or from Chessler Books in Colorado.

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