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Scheduled Expeditions Calendar 2019

This page has a complete list in chronological order of all our currently scheduled Expeditions, through to the second half of 2019 with links to the information pages for each individual trip.

You may also want to take a look at the  Expeditions & Explorations Page  which lists many expeditions in the Andes which ANDES have run in the past and which we can organise and/or lead again.

The expeditions listed here are based on clients paying ANDES a guiding/instructional fee and then booking their own flights. We can help you to select appropriate flights. The fee for leadership and instruction payable to ANDES is fixed and includes the leaders expenses. On the mountain we'll provide all tents and cooking equipment, plus all communal climbing kit such as ropes.

Although local services will be organised by ANDES, clients pay all their own local costs such as permits, hotels, transport & meals. These are payable directly, at cost, with some items paid for personally and some items (e.g. 4x4 hire) shared equally. We give an estimate of these costs below based on a group size of 3 or 4 clients. For more details about these costs please read the individual trip pages (click on the links below) or see the  Accommodation and Travel Costs  page.

Courses & Expeditions in South America


Dates Duration Grade "Andes" Leader Fee Estimated Airfares Estimated Local Costs Estimated TOTAL COST
Llullaillaco (extension to the above expedition) .....runs thru to 20th December 2018 7 days 1C 1095
 1 space
N/A 400 4950
Chilean Volcanoes 6000m 20th January - 5th February 2019 17 days 1B 1995
 1 space
1000 600 3600
Tres Cruces
(extension to the above expedition)
..... runs to 11th February 2019 6 days 2C 795
 1 space
N/A 300 4700
Peru Ski Explorer 9th - 25th May 2019 17 days 2B 2095 1000 800 3900
Colombia Climber 19th - 31st July 2019 13 days 1B 1795 800 700 3300
Patagonia Ski Explorer 19th September - 2nd October 2019 14 days 1A 2095 1100 1300 4500

Note that airfares and local costs in these tables are only estimated.  Airfares are given from the UK, where the majority of our customers are based. These estimates are based on economy class airfares and shared accommodation (mainly double rooms). How much you actually pay for these items will depend on a variety of factors. For example your choice of airline & travel class, your choice of single vs. shared room.  Also, for example, vehicle rental or private transfer costs may be more or less than our estimate if there is a smaller or larger group to share the cost. Our estimates are based on a group size of 3 or 4 clients.

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