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The Subsidiary 6000m peaks of the Andes.

 This page last updated 3rd April 2020.  

300-400m prominence list

200-300m prominence list

100-200m prominence list

This is the list of the 31 six thousand metre peaks in the Andes with between 200m and 400m of prominence.  For the 100 major 6000m summits with over 400m of prominence see our 6000m peak list.

Heights in red below have been revised due to the SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data, ASTER data, handheld GPS data or other recent information sources. Many thanks to Jonathan de Ferranti in 2004 and also Eberhard Jurgalski and Maximo Kausch in 2013-2014 for help with this.  Click here for Jonathans list of the ten most prominent peaks in the Andes

See also the 99% accurate  5000m peaks of the Andes   This link is to the index page for many further pages containing peaks from 5000m-5999m.

Patagonian Peaks  A listing of the major summits in Patagonia.

These lists are © 2013-2020 John Biggar.

All heights are in metres.  

The criterion used to select these lists are prominence height (re-ascent from the lowest col) of between 200m-400m from any higher peak.

By our lists there are 100 Andean 6000m peaks with 400m+ of prominence.
An additional 17 Andean 6000m peaks with 300m+ prominence, giving a total of 117 peaks.
A further additional 18 Andean 6000m peaks with 200m+ prominence, giving a total of 135 peaks.

However there are a number of outstanding issues, particularly concerning the eligibility of the following peaks for the different lists due to height, prominence or even both:-
Artesonraju, Tocllaraju, Pucajirca, Caraz and Contrahierbas in the Cordillera Blanca - these peaks may or may not be 6000m, they all  have enough prominence. Currently only Pucajirca is listed as over 6000m by us, but this is subject to change if we get new evidence or even  a new accurate survey!!
El Muertito in the Puna may or may not have enough prominence and may or may not be 6000m, it is currently listed as under 6000m. Cienaga in the Nevados de Cachi is definitely over 6000m, and although currently  listed here as a subsidiary peak it may turn out to have over 400m prominence.

The grades given are for the easiest ascent route.

All heights are in metres.

The Subsidiary 6000m peaks of the Andes

300-400m Prominence


1 Pissis II - UPAME * 6790 F Puna Argentina c.300
2 Antofalla Central 6385 F Puna Argentina 345
3 Coropuna Casulla 6377 F Cord. Occidental Peru 350
4 Coropuna Este 6305 F Cord. Occidental Peru 365
5 Huandoy Sur 6160 D Cord. Blanca Peru 350
6 Pissis - Media 6140 F Puna Argentina 300
7 Los Gemelos Norte 6135 F Puna Argentina 350
8 Cumbre del Laudo * 6122 F Puna Chile 300
9 Yerupaja Chico 6121 n/k Cord. Huayhuash Peru 370
10 Colquecruz (Alcamarinayoc) 6102 n/k Cord. Vilcanota Peru 340
11 Cienaga * 6050 F Puna Argentina 390
12 Tres Cruces Norte 6030 F Puna Chile 390
13 Rasac 6017 AD/D Cord. Huayhuash Peru 320
14 Pucajirca Oeste  * c.6005 n/k Cord. Blanca Peru 330

This list © 2013-2020  John Biggar.

*****   NOTES

1  - Pissis UPAME - The second highest Pissis peak has  very close to 300m prominence, more accurate surveys are needed!.
8 - Cumbre del Laudo - As above, very close to 300m prominence.
12 - Pucajirca Oeste - The PIGM map is very vague, and does not give a spot height. The height used is an estimate from photo analysis of Pucajirca main peak (c.6010m), but this peak may well be under 6000m high.
11 - Cienaga - May turn out to have over 400m prominence.

Caraz Este in the Cordillera Blanca, often quoted as 6060m high, has sufficient prominence, but recent data appears to indicate that it and Caraz Oeste are both under 6000m high.

200m-300m Prominence


1 Cazadero SW (Huayco) 6475 F Puna Argentina 200
2 Pissis - Hombro 6430 F Puna Argentina 220
3 Illimani Norte 6403 D Cord Real Bolivia 240
4 Nacimiento Sur 6345 F Puna Argentina 210
 5 Huandoy Oeste 6342 AD/D Cord. Blanca Peru 230
 6 Antofalla Oeste 6326 F Puna Argentina 265
7 Bonete Norte (Pioneros) * 6240 F Puna Argentina c.280-300
8 Volcan Olmedo 6214 F Puna Argentina 225
9 Bonete Norte II (Sargento Federico) 6185 F Puna Argentina 210
10 Los Gemelos Sur 6130 F Puna Argentina 260
11 Bonete Norte III 6175 F Puna Argentina 200
12 Pissis - Altar 6130 F Puna Argentina 280
13 Sarapo 6127 TD Cord. Huayhuash Peru 210
14 Alma Negra 6120 F High Andes Argentine 250
15 Bicentenario (Bonete Norte IV or p.6092) 6092 F Puna Argentina 200
16  Medusa NE 6065 F Puna Argentina 210
17 Piuquenes 6019 PD High Andes Argentina-Chile 281

This list © 2013-2020  John Biggar.

*****   NOTES

7 - Pioneros - The highest peak in the Cordon de los Pioneros north of Bonete has very close to 300m prominence, more accurate surveys are needed!.


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100m-200m Prominence

Many thanks to Eberhard Jurgalski for help with this list. We're pretty sure there will be a few peaks missing from this list, since 10m of prominence can be quite hard to pick up on either maps with 100m contours, or through the digital elevation data.



(nearest 10m)

1 Aconcagua Sur 6925 F High Andes Argentina 120
2 Pissis UPAME II 6785 F Puna Argentina 130
3 Bonete Norte 6725 F Puna Argentina 120
4 ATA (Cazadero N) 6520 F Puna Argentina 175
5 Nacimiento E (p. 6436) 6460 F Puna Argentina 130
6 Antofalla SO c.6330 F Puna Argentina 100
7 Huacaña 6208 Cord. Real Bolivia 160
8 Pioneros II 6193 F Puna Argentina 175
9 Pissis Hombro II 6150 F Puna Argentina 155
10 Sierra Nevada Oeste 6140 F Puna Chile 180
11 Copa Norte 6125 PD Cord. Blanca Peru 100
12 Aucanquilcha Oeste 6120 F Cord. Occidental Chile 170
13 Reclus Este 6119 F Puna Argentina 150
14 Olivares Norte 6105 F High Andes Chile-Argentina 130
15 Aucanquilcha Este 6100 F Cord. Occidental Chile 180
16 Pico del Norte 6085 Cord. Real Bolivia 160
17 Pabellon Este 6060 F High Andes Argentina 140
18 Peña Blanca Sur 6040 F Puna Chile 160
19 Anfiteatro c.6020 F Puna Argentina 155
20 Chacraraju Este 6001 ED Cord. Blanca Peru 175
21 Huandoy Este 6000 Cord. Blanca Peru 175
22 Tres Cruces Sureste 6000 F Puna Argentina 130

This list © 2016-2020  John Biggar.



In areas of South America the heights of some peaks are still subject to debate. Some Argentine peaks have AIGM survey heights that are 300m higher than the Chilean heights. The main areas for which no accurate survey maps exist are the Mercedario to Tupungato area of Argentina and the Patagonian ice-caps area. The heights given on this site are thought to be generally the most accurate figures taken from the following sources. In all areas Neate's book was used when no survey height was available. In the most uncertain areas detailed above confirmation of many heights has been sought from the SRTM data or hand-held GPS readings..

Venezuela and Colombia - Neate, confirmed where possible in Colombia by CIGM 1:100,000

Ecuador - IGM 1:50,000 newest sheet available.

Peru - IGM 1:100,000 sheets. The AV 1930?s surveys of the Cordillera Blanca have been used where the PIGM sheets do not give a height (Note - the AV heights are mostly 20-30m higher than PIGM heights)

Bolivia - The AV maps for the Illimani and Ancohuma areas, otherwise BIGM 1:50,000 sheets or 1:250,000 sheets.

Argentina - mostly Argentine IGM 1:250,000 sheets. SRTM data was used to confirm or change many heights in poorly surveyed areas.

Chile and Chile/Bolivia and Chile/Argentina border peaks - Chilean IGM 1:50,000 or 1:250,000 sheets, which are generally much more modern than Argentine surveys in this area.

Patagonia - ChIGM 1:250,000 sheets where possible, Andes Patagonicos sheets for peaks on the icecaps, Fitzroy area and Cord. Darwin with some more important heights confirmed (where possible) by the SRTM data.