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International Payments

Please note. If you are a US or Canadian citizen and resident in the US or Canada please contact us before booking. Due to insurance costs we may not be able to accept you. If you are a citizen of USA/Canada living elsewhere, or a citizen of another country living in the USA/Canada, or a previous client of ours, we will almost certainly be able to accept your booking.


Deposit Payment

You can make your deposit payment by using a credit or debit card on the Paypal website. This is the easiest and most cost effective way for you to pay us a deposit from abroad. Go here  for the link through to our Paypal payments page. Please however read our booking page, especially our booking conditions, before committing yourself  to a non-refundable deposit.

Please note that all our trips have their base price in British Pounds (GBP). We can send you an invoice in pounds or in your local currency (US$, €uros, etc.). Whichever you chose, once we invoice you in a currency, the price stays the same in that currency.

If you want to see the most up to date exchange rates use this useful link

Balance Payment

 We can accept the balance payment for your trip in one of three main ways. We would prefer a bank transfer or cheque but we can also invoice you through PayPal.

1. The best option all round is likely to be a Bank Transfer. Please let us know and we'll e-mail through details of the account to make the transfer into and the amount to pay.

2. We can accept Cheques made out in US$ or €uros and most other major currencies (e.g. Canadian, NZ and Australian dollars, Swiss Francs). For these other countries please just use the current GBP exchange rate on Please make your cheque payable to "John Biggar".

3. If you want to pay through Paypal please request this service by email -  we will then send an invoice to you by email  through the PayPal system, and you can then pay by either credit or debit card. Please note that if choosing this option we will add up to 5% to your invoice to cover the loss of income incurred through Paypal and credit card charges.


If you need any help please ask by email