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The Subsidiary 5800-5999m peaks of the Andes

 This page last updated on 14th December 2023.  

This page lists the 29 peaks of height 5800m-5999m in the Andes with over (or about) 200m of prominence, but without the 400m prominence necessary to qualify as a major peak. 16 have over 300m of prominence.

Heights in red below have been revised due to digital elevation data (mainly the SRTM data). Many thanks to Jonathan de Ferranti (2005) and Eberhard Jurgalski (2013)  for help with this.

For the major, 400m prominence peaks over 5000m start on this page:-

Index of all 5000m peak lists

This list 2016-2023 John Biggar.  All heights are in metres.

We also now have a list of all the 300 or more peaks on this website in alphabetical order

The criterion used to select this list is a re-ascent height (prominence) of 200m but less that 400m from any higher peak. 

The grid co-ordinates are included to help distinguish un-named and similarly named peaks. They are for the top right (i.e. NE) corner of the latitude-longitude block in which the mountain appears, this is the usual convention on South American maps.

The peaks are arranged in groups of ten. An asterisk by the date of first ascent denotes a peak known to have had a Pre-Columbian ascent, or on which "Inca" ruins have been found high up. The date of the first modern ascent is also given when known. Dates in brackets indicate a disputed first ascent. ???? means the peak has definitely been climbed in the modern era, just that the exact date is unknown.


The subsidiary 5000m peaks of the Andes

Peaks with a link have an information page or at least a photograph on this website but you may need to use your browsers back button to return to this page.

Peaks marked with a *  have an explanatory note at the foot of the table.






Pissis - Tres Picos 5990 238 F Puna 2768 Argentina


Chaupi Orco Norte 5990 220   Cord. Apolobamba 1469 Peru-Bolivia 1958
Pissis - Punta Este 5985 353 F Puna 2768 Argentina  
Jurau (Carnicero) 5960 360 n/k  Huayhuash 1076 Peru 1961
Olivares Sur 5950 208   Agua Negra 2970 Argentina  
Majadita Sur 5945 224 F Agua Negra 2970 Argentina  
Bonete Grande 5943  318   Puna 2768    ????


5940 365 F High Andes 3369 Chile-Argentina 1897
Lasunayoc 5936 346   Cord. Vilcabamba 1372 Peru 1956
Marmolejo Norte 5930 213 F High Andes   Chile-Argetnina 1953
Nuevo Mundo Norte 5920 358 F Cord. Lipez 2166 Bolivia  1902
Nuevo Mundo SE 5915 212   Cord. Lipez 2166 Bolivia  
Ojos p.5915 5915 339 F Puna  2768 Chile
V. del Viento NE 5904 378 F Puna 2768 Argentina 2010

Yayamari SE

5900 294   Cord. Vilcanota 1371 Peru  


5888 310   Cord. Blanca 0977 Peru 1965
Occshapalca 5888 300+   Cord. Blanca 0977 Peru ????

Galan Norte

5875 308 F Puna 2267 Argentina
Chachani Central 5870 233 F Cord. Occidental   Peru ????
Chachani Este 5865 268 F Cord. Occidental   Peru ????

Negro Overo (Famatina)

5835 252 F Puna   Argentina 1941
Santa Cruz Norte 5827 369   Cord. Blanca 0977 Peru 1967
Antofalla p.5825 5825 383 F Puna 2268 Argetnian  
Wheelwright 5815 378 Puna 2566 Argentina


p. 5815

5815 371   Puna 2267 Argentina 1938
Paniri Sur 5810 199 F Cord Occidental 2267 Chile-Bolivia  
Mariposa 5808 368   Cord. Vilcanota 1371 Peru 1957
Yayamari Oeste 5795 234   Cord. Vilcanota 1371 Peru 1969
p.5800 5800 266 F Cord. Lipez 2267 Argentina

This list and all photos unless stated  2016-2023 John Biggar.

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In areas of South America the heights of some peaks are still subject to debate. Some Argentine peaks have AIGM survey heights that are 300m higher than the Chilean heights. The main areas for which no accurate survey maps exist are the Mercedario to Tupungato area of Argentina and the Patagonian ice-caps area. The heights given on this site are thought to be generally the most accurate figures taken from the following sources. Neate's book was sometimes used when no survey height was available. In some uncertain areas confirmation, or at least corroboration, of many heights has been sought from the SRTM data and/or from photographic analysis.

Venezuela and Colombia - Neate, confirmed where possible in Colombia by CIGM 1:100,000

Ecuador - IGM 1:50,000 newest sheet available.

Peru - IGM 1:100,000 sheets. The AV 1930's surveys of the Cordillera Blanca have been used where the PIGM sheets do not give a height (Note - the AV heights are mostly 20-30m higher than PIGM heights)

Bolivia - The AV maps for the Illimani and Ancohuma areas, otherwise BIGM 1:50,000 sheets or 1:250,000 sheets. SRTM data was used to confirm or change many heights in poorly surveyed areas, particularly the Cordillera Lipez.

Argentina - many from Argentine IGM 1:250,000 sheets. However much SRTM data was used to confirm or change many heights in poorly surveyed areas.

Chile and Chile/Bolivia and Chile/Argentina border peaks - Chilean IGM 1:50,000 or 1:250,000 sheets, which are generally much more modern than Argentine surveys in this area. SRTM data was used to confirm or change many heights in poorly surveyed areas.

Patagonia - ChIGM 1:250,000 sheets where possible, Andes Patagonicos sheets for peaks on the icecaps, Fitzroy area and Cord. Darwin with some more important heights confirmed (where possible) by the SRTM data.